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Former MROU Agent | ID: 63681094

H is a deserter of the Multiversal Realm Observation Unit, currently residing in
[LOCATION UNKNOWN]. Most details about it are currently unknown.

Basic Information

H is a former human turned Formless.

It is unknown what their previous identity was, but


H is a shadowy, dark-purple humanoid, standing at approximately 5'8" tall. It has five claw-like
"fingers" on each hand, and two "antennae" on its head.

It it unknown if these serve any purpose.

Additionally, it has two glowing yellow eyes. They appear to be unable to close.


H is also unable to emote otherwise, leaving it with body language
and artificial means of communication.


Its personality appears to be in constant flux.

As soon as it gained the means to speak, H became much more snarky and rude,
as opposed to its previous calm, kind demeanor.


Powers and Abilities

Largely unknown, save for the following:

Agility: H is incredibly quick, able to run laps around someone for long periods of time.

Shade: H is able to hide itself in the shadows (but not vanish entirely). However, it
cannot fully hide itself, given that its eyes can't close.

Hyalokinesis: Unconfirmed. Reported to have broken a screen before even touching it in
Commander Deadeye's office.


Tools and Accessories

TTS Keyboard: Created by agent Renderer Grizzleton solve H's communication problem.
It is comprised of a simple keyboard and speaker.

Communication Device: Issued by MROU. It creates realistic voices by reading the user's mind and
transmitting what they want to be heard.

Destroyed during its escape from Dawnhurst.