Haz (MROU)

Haz was a member of the Multiversal Realm Observation Unit, having retained most of his
character from SiIva Forces (save for memories, of course).

Basic Information

Haz is a 14-year-old human from some form of Earth who was forced to join the MROU
via some weird intergalactic mail.

Just like in SiIva Forces, he's essentially a ripoff of Mirror Kirby, with a few
new tricks up his sleeve.


Haz has a light skin tone, and blue eyes. His hair is brown and spiked-up when his hat's off.
He wears a green hoodie with a teal diamond in the middle, and
regular old blue jeans.
He also wears a hat on his head themed after a Shadow from Kingdom Hearts,
first worn on Halloween.

He wore a similar outfit to his SiIva Forces iteration at first, except
the Nintendo 64 logo was replaced with a Gamecube logo.


There's not much to be said aside from that he's the same as in SF, save for caring more
for others than before.

Haz is known to relentlessly bully Dimentio with walnuts, among other pranks.

There are very few people he really trusts, those being Animoth and Snoek.

Powers and Abilities

Haz's main ability is the creation and manipulation of mirrors, though he has other
tricks up his sleeve this time around.

There was a point when he had the ability to use the Elemental Shields from Sonic 3 & Knuckles,
but that was retconned away, along with the arc where it happened.


Mirror Cut: Haz has the ability to use a physical attack with wands, equal in power to
the cut of a small knife.

Reflect Force: This is essentially what happens when the generation of mirrors is spammed.

Hall of Mirrors: Haz traps the target in a small box made solely of mirrors.
Any attacks to the box are dealt back to the attacker.

Prismatic Burst: One mirror is fired at the target, which hits and bounces right off.
After a moment, it shines and explodes into thousands of multicolored shards!

Prism Cannon: A charge attack that results in a focused rainbow laser, giving off
the appearance of refracted light.

Reflect Barrier: A small barrier that can only protect one person.

Reflega: A much larger barrier made of mirrors. It can be made even larger at the
cost of highly increased mana usage.



Mirror Wand: Haz's basic weapon, used to channel magic of all kinds.
(Usually just mirrors, like before.)

Keyblade: A mysterious weapon, themed after a key (duh).
It's known to open many locks and act as a magic catalyst.
(Read more about it on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki!)

Tools and Accessories

Gate Key: A tool used by MROU to create portals between faraway places.
Each one takes its own form, and Haz's appears to be a regular house key made of mirrors.

Spellbook: Bought off Marisa from Gensokyo.
It was only used to speed up the learning process for magic.

Mirror Belt: Haz claims that it makes casting easier for him, though this
was never confirmed.

Powerups: Various powerups imported from the Mushroom Kingdom, with a variety of effects.

Syrup Bottles: Syrup imported from the Mushroom Kingdom. Consuming it restores MP!

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