Haz (SiIva Forces)

Haz was a member of the Resistance in SiIva Forces, a notable fighter in the struggle against
The Voice Inside Your Head.

Basic Information

Haz is a 14-year-old human from some form of Earth who was taken to the world of SiIva Forces
via some weird magic ring he bought off a joke shop.

He's known for being essentially a rip-off of Mirror Kirby, ability-wise, and having a wide
array of weapons.


Haz has a light skin tone, and black eyes. His hair is brown and spiked-up.
He wears a grey T-shirt with the Nintendo 64 logo on it, and lightish-red cargo shorts.
Around Haz's neck is a transparent necklace shaped like his trademark mirror "bullets."


Haz is a bit of a cocky guy once he gets past his initial phase of panic and/or fear.
He's very confident in his abilities, and worryingly lacking in self-preservation
, having used two whole suicide attacks in his time in the Resistance.

He's a bit lazy outside of combat, though, sleeping in the base far too often
for his own (or anyone else's) good. He's also gained an odd
liking for puns
, likely Snoek's fault.

Powers and Abilities

Haz's main ability is the creation and manipulation of mirrors. He has many different moves
to accommodate for his lack of variety in magic abilities.

While the names of most of these abilities were lost behind, he did have
a very powerful suicide attack: Glass Cannon.
Think like a Spirit Bomb made of glass.



Mirror Wand: Haz's basic weapon, used to channel magic of all kinds.
(Typically just mirrors, though.)

Daybreak Scepter: Sold by Mecha Sonic. Themed after the sun and the moon,
it has double the power of the Mirror Wand.

Hammer: A melee weapon inspired by Trollzor's weapon of choice!
It's sturdy, and packs a huge punch.

Mirror Blades: Blades formed entirely from mirrors. Not used as often as
anything else, though.

Keyblade: A mysterious weapon, themed after a key (duh).
It's known to open many locks and act as a magic catalyst.
It's currently in the Ultima Weapon form.
(Read more about it on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki!)

Tools and Accessories

Bounce Bracelet: Enables Haz to wrap himself in a ball of energy and slam into the ground,
bouncing back up after. It's just the Bounce Bracelet from Sonic Adventure 2.

Magic Mirror: While this got nerfed later on, it initially enabled Haz to
teleport between two places, though he couldn't take it with him.

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