Haz Miore

Haz is a guy who keeps out of trouble, and somehow still
manages to be an ass.

It's mostly just a copypaste of MROUEX for now...

Basic Information

Haz is a 15-year-old human from Neo-Earth who was pushed to (kinda) join MROU
(in a group named the "Cosmic Fighters") by his best friend Nori.

Unlike his other incarnations (up to this point), Haz finally has actual ability variety,
utilizing more than just basic mirror magic this time around.


Haz has a light skin tone, and blue eyes. His hair is brown and spiked-up when his hat's off.
He wears a green hoodie with a teal diamond in the middle, and
regular old blue jeans.
He also wears a hat on his head themed after a Shadow from Kingdom Hearts,
first worn on Halloween.

His hoodie got a palette swap partway through to be purple instead of green.


Haz is a much more serious person this time around-- he still has his
shonen protagonist moments, but a lot less of them.

He's formed a tight bond with Nori, Sonic, and Hikari over the course of his time in the MROU.

Powers and Abilities

Haz's main ability is the creation and manipulation of mirrors, though he has other
tricks up his sleeve this time around.


Buff Transfer: Haz can transfer any buff used on him to other party members.

HP Casting: When Haz's MP runs out, he can cast spells using his HP instead.


Mirror Cut: Haz has the ability to use a physical attack with wands, equal in power to
the cut of a small knife.

Reflect Force: This is essentially what happens when the generation of mirrors is spammed.

Reflect/ra/ga: A magical barrier. It bursts when it takes a hit, dealing
splash damage around Haz.

Shifta/ra: A spell that buffs attack. It casts in a radius around Haz.

Deband/ra: A spell that buffs defense. It casts in a radius around Haz.

Cure/ra/ga: A healing spell. It can either be cast in a radius around Haz, or
directly target an ally.

Esuna: A spell that cures most status effects.


Hall of Mirrors: Haz traps the target in a small box made solely of mirrors.
Any attacks to the box are dealt back to the attacker.

Ragnarok: Haz performs a brief, six-hit combo on a target before leaping back, stalling in
the air, and firing a cluster of homing lasers.

My Reflection: A cloning spell that utilizes the Mirror of Hindsight.
Only one clone can be created at a time, and doing so evenly splits
Haz's stats
between the two.
When the clone is rendered inactive or some way or another, Haz's stats are restored.



Daybreak Scepter: Haz's primary weapon, bought from some shady dealer.
Its main ability aside from channeling magic is Solar Luminosity, which
boosts magical power when in contact with sunlight.

Mirror Wand Haz's former main weapon. It doesn't have any particular meaning;
he just keeps it around as a memento of sorts.

Dual Blades: Two one-handed swords meant for dual wielding, used briefly as
Haz's main physical weapons. They were soon left unused, though...

Tools and Accessories

Cellphone: A standard MROU-issued phone.

Mirror of Hindsight: A multitool of sorts. It's a mirror the same height as Haz himself that has
some untapped power attached to it. He never got the time to try, though...

Group Photo: A group photo taken of the Cosmic Fighters before one of their trips to Animus.
“me and the boys raiding animus at 3am to eat all the cheese” is written on the back.. weird.

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