Tela Vios

Tela was Haz's cousin, residing in the System in Realms of Ifrit.

Basic Information

Tela is an 18-year-old human from the System, who goes to an unnamed
hero school there.

She has the power to take objects from screens, dubbed by her as
"stealing their screentime."


Tela has a very pale skin tone, and greyish-blue eyes. Her hair is dyed different
shades of grey, and goes down to about her shoulders.

She wears a light-grey jacket, which covers up a fake Supreme ("Soup") shirt.

Tela wears regular pants, unlike her cousin.

She wears a pin of an old analog TV on the upper-right part of her jacket,
and fake(?) TV antennae on her head to complete the look.


Tela is generally a prideful person due to her faith in her abilities.

Her personality is considered to almost be a polar oppsite to Haz's.

She gets along well with most people, though she won't hesitate to get on
someone's case for doing something stupid with their health.

Powers and Abilities

Tela's only ability is to pull objects out of screens, though this is heavily limited.

Only one object can be taken at a time.

Any object taken will be the same scale as it was on the screen. If she pulls a Buster Sword
from her phone, it isn't going to be anywhere near full size.

Keeping an object out of its original screen for more than twenty minutes will
give Tela intense nausea. If it goes on much longer than that, it can
escalate to an actual illness, giving Tela a very high fever, and giving her body
the appearance of fading static.

Tela cannot pull living things out of a screen, nor can she pull
immensely powerful weapons or tools.

Items with properties unique to one wielder will not function as
they would with their "true user."

Tela cannot ruin the economy.


Tela's only equipment is whatever she can pull from a screen.

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