Haz Miore

Haz is the first (and longest-running) character I've used, ever since SiIva Forces.

There are several different iterations of him, which are linked on this page.
(The bio for his PHNX incarnation is unfortunately missing, since I actually
can't find it anymore.. Sorry.)

If you're new, you're probably looking for his universal bio!

Character Bios


Haz's characterization outside of any RP.

SiIva Forces

The anime protagonist everyone dreamed of being when they were kids!
..Except with an unconventional(?) power.

MROU: Multiversal Realm Observation Unit

Largely the same as in SF, but he's a member of MROU this time!


Oh, wow, surprise, anime protagonist again! This time, he's distant from
MROU, preferring to form his own team: the Cosmic Fighters!
(Even he thought it sounded dumb...)

Realms of Ifrit

A guy who's overall just tired.. and the (unofficial) "leader" of the
Fuckass Gang! It's... as lame as it sounds.